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Bilgah Beach Hotel Spa

Imbedded in the luxurious surroundings, Bilgah Beach Hotel is the tranquil atmosphere of Spa. The spa journey begins the moment your step into the spa – the oasis of wellbeing. All guests are welcomed by our gracious therapists attentive to personal needs.  The Spa occupies 500 square meters of space and offers full range of facial, body, and massage treatments featuring a unique blend of Asian influenced Thai & Balinese treatments and the traditional Turkish bath experience.
It consists of 7 treatment rooms, 2 additional VIP treatment rooms, relaxation areas with heated thermal beds, Turkish Hamams, Finnish Saunas, Steam rooms, and a round Meditation room offering the ultimate relaxation through color therapy and a calming water feature in the center of the room.
26 July 2020

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