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Where East meets West

Places to visit in Baku Since there are lots of unique places see in Baku, we often might have trouble figuring out where to go and how to plan our vacation. We usually try to keep the balance of where we go out with our friends at night and have fun, and with our family in search of peace and comfort during these vacation days. Before your visit to Baku, you should decide whether you are a type a seaside or a city man. Some are looking for the comfort they find on the warm beaches of Bilgah, while others are looking for the live and noisy streets of Baku. Therefore, we recommend you to plan your trip and time well before visiting this colorful city. Since there are lots of places to visit and discover from Yanardagh (burning mountain), located 27 km from the center of Baku and burning for centuries, to different museums, from the splendor of the historic Icheri Sheher's Gosha Gala Qapisi (Twin Fortress Gates) to the freshness of Bilgah beaches, every minute you waste without doing nothing or visit anywhere is unseen places, unexplored old Baku streets more than a great loss of time. That's why planning your day specifically will help you make this experience even more memorable.

06 August 2020

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