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The best AQUA Experience – pool and waterpark

Beach holidays are one of the most appropriate ways to spend time in the warm season. Sometimes weather conditions do not allow you to relax by the sea during the entire duration of the summer period. Because favorable weather does not always warm up the water enough by the specified start date of the bathing season.

An alternative to a beach holiday is a water park. First, it is an opportunity for year-round recreation on the water. Secondly, water in swimming pools disinfects in several ways, using the most modern technologies. And third, the water condition monitories after a certain number of hours, and the water is completely renewed. Among other advantages of the water park is a high safety level for swimming and recreation, especially for children. Spending time in the water park is entertaining and health-improving because swimming in the pool has a beneficial effect on the human body.

The one question always remains for many parents who are vacationing with children: How to spend the holidays to be interesting for adults and children? There are many places to go to Baku. For example, admiring the views of the beautiful city, attractions, and visiting national restaurants. Sometimes you want to get away from the city noise and be alone with yourself in the sun on a sun lounger. Fortunately, the answer found — go to the water park! However, the water park is unlikely to be the only purpose of the holiday. You will quickly get tired of riding them for two weeks in a row, regardless of the types of slides and water attractions. For this reason, there is a water park and a children's club, and a children's outdoor playground and bowling in a beautiful resort called Bilgah Beach Hotel.


26 July 2020

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