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There is always a choice!

There is always a choice Quarantine has affected our whole lifestyle. We all know how hard is to stay at home in the middle of summer. But did you know that you can walk around the territory of an hotel at the seashore and enjoy fresh sea breathe almost all day? Bilgah Beach Hotel, formerly known as Jumeirah hotel, occupies large area by the Caspian Sea, with a clean beach and refreshing seaside walks every single evening. We should admit, it’s not just an ordinary hotel like other hotels in Baku. You have a great choice – to check in modern comfortable suits with stunning panoramic view or settle in one of 14 villas surrounded by a flowering green garden. Here you will be provided with three rooms, a private garage, cozy courtyard and first-class service. The corner of peace and tranquility created with love cannot even been compared with stuffy apartment in a time with no chance to travel. The hotel has 8 restaurants led by professional chefs – explore a new one every day! Uzuk restaurant is is the most splendid sea side restaurant Baku offering. You can also order room-service and enjoy your breakfast on a cool terrace looking directly to the endless sea. Wondering what to do after that? Stretch out and relieve fatigue in gym, then relax and pamper yourself in the spa-zone, give a try to steam bath or Finnish sauna, enjoy swimming in the pool, and let your children play in aquapark. Add fun to your day by playing pool, bowling or even a football or basketball – in case if you came with friends. In short, spending your weekend by the sea is always a good idea. Guaranteed.

26 July 2020

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